Melissa Nervick

psychotherapist, MSEd, LPCC

I strive to create a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which individuals can be supported in their efforts to change and grow. I have clinical training in the areas of grief, depression, anxiety, trauma, mood disorders, life changes, etc. I am also a trained Relationship Coach through the Relationship Coaching Institute and have had tremendous success in helping couples who are struggling with relationship issues such as ineffective communication, infidelity, lack of intimacy, loss of connection, blended families, and many other issues that prevent couples from living the fulfilling life they want to live.

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Angel Koski


At its core, MAP Behavioral Health Center is a space built for you, the client. Angel wanted to build a space where people could find comfort, healing and guidance. A place for people who have veered off course but need help finding their way, regardless of how lost. She believes that at times, we all carry our own world of troubles or feelings of helplessness, but she also believes there is always hope, which is why she, along with her talented associates, created MAP. Angel has a background in school counseling, working with at-risk youth, collaborating with families who need guidance for autism spectrum disorders, and instructing psychology and guidance. She has a soft spot for veterans, her dog, and most of all, her family.


Paige Benson

Counselor/Clinical Trainee  MS, CRC

In my practice, I strive to provide a warm, safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment for self-discovery. Therapy is a way to identify the positive and negative patterns in your life, to discover your own strengths, learn new coping skills and feel empowered to overcome hardships.

My areas of focus include:  anxiety, stress management, depression, trauma, interpersonal issues, transitional life issues, school bullying and suicidal behaviors.  I utilize approaches/skills of: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Client-Centered therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Growth Mindset, Mindfulness and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. I am trained in EMDR. I work  with youth and adults.  

I feel the therapeutic relationship is a very important element of change in therapy. Choosing a therapist is an important decision. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you over the phone in advance. Please call to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.

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Carol Johnson


As a marriage and family therapist, I join my clients in the creative process of therapy to come up with helpful solutions to ease their struggles and bring more joy back into their lives. I strive to not only see my clients’ emotional health, but also their physical, spiritual, and relational health, looking to each for clues that might hold healing. I work with all composition of families and couples, as well as individuals, who are experiencing a wide variety of challenges: depression, anxiety, behavioral issues, life changes, self-esteem challenges, need for parenting support, spiritual issues, among others. I am passionate about working with women experiencing prenatal or postpartum anxiety or depression. (All families welcome!)

I am innately curious and compassionate and use a variety of techniques in therapy, including cognitive behavioral thearpy (CBT), narrative therapy, attachment theory, solution-focued therapy, and family systems. Previously, I worked with adolescents in a wilderness therapy setting. Aside from counseling, I enjoy spending time with my family outdoors, jogging, and reading.

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Sara Vaccarella

Psy.D., LP

Dr. Vaccarella received her doctorate degree in clinical forensic psychology from Alliant International University and is licensed to practice psychology in Minnesota. She brings to us her experience working with at-risk youth, as well as adults with general to severe mental health disorders. Dr. Vaccarella has served as part of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals in a variety of contexts, including inpatient, outpatient, and residential mental health settings. Much of her training has included working with clients in a psycho-legal context, focusing on assessment and treatment of impaired sexual behavior and general mental health disorders. Dr. Vaccarella possesses expertise in the psychological assessment of mental health disorders and cognitive concerns, helping clients obtain an objective picture of strengths and weaknesses to help guide their treatment planning. Her approach to providing psychotherapy is goals-based, collaborative, and integrative. She understands that many clients who seek mental health services value connectedness, yet may perceive a discrepancy between who they believe they are and who they want to be. In order to help clients achieve their goals in therapy, Dr. Vaccarella takes a client-centered approach, often incorporating cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness practices.


Katelyn Huberty

MA, LADC, LPCC Clinical Trainee

“Life is a Journey Not a Destination, and it all Begins with One Single Step”

I work from a client-centered approach focusing on strengths, goals, wellness, and overall well-being. I aim to connect with clients through a warm, calm, compassionate demeanor, in a safe supportive environment.  I also use a solution-focused approach to help clients problem solve and attain their goals.

I received a Master’s Degree from Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School. My focus (since 2015) has been working with adults struggling with substance use. The bulk of my experience has been working with adult males; however, I also work with women and family members of those with addiction.  I specialize in substance use disorder counseling, but also work in areas of anxiety, depression, adjustment issues, trauma, relationship issues, and life planning. I am fortunate to work with a multidisciplinary team that assists in bringing a lot of expertise in many other areas of mental health.

Things can and do change.  If you are struggling to create change in your life, it is my hope that with my experience and areas of therapeutic focus, I can help you on your own journey towards living the life that you want you live.


Bridget Benson


My diverse clinical experience has included work as a High School Counselor, a Therapist in a residential treatment setting and a Tobacco Cessation Counselor in a hospital setting. My personal style is informal and conversational. I offer an empathetic and compassionate space for those seeking to heal and overcome their current life challenge. I strive to collaborate with my clients to find serenity in the midst of turmoil. I believe that it is often in times of struggle and pain that the opportunity for personal growth is abundant. The wound is where the light comes in.

I am passionate to work with women who desire weight loss, a peaceful relationship with food and their bodies, a healthier emotional state and more fulfilling relationships. I have overcome my own struggles in these areas and my purpose in my work is to share the tools I have learned.

I have clinical training in tobacco cessation and health and wellness coaching. I wholeheartedly believe that change is possible no matter how many times we may have tried to change in the past. I believe the client is the expert in their own life but may need support and guidance.


Peter Meilahn


I specialize in serving families and individuals who want to improve struggles with anxiety, attention, autism, chronic pain, or trauma. I work with people with compassion, insight, and humor while also using live feedback from a computer that reminds people how much calm attention or anxiety they are making while they do something that fits their age and situation in therapy (adults talk with me and hear sound feedback for how their anxiety is, and kids with autism use movies). We can also see brain patterns from brain monitoring that uses EEG to show a person’s level of focus, attention, and relaxation during sessions. 

People work with me to use biofeedback in counseling so they can learn how they change their calm attention or stress when a computer tells them they are making more or less calm attention with a white noise or sound. It is like learning to ride a bike, once people learn how they do it they remember it. It is clinically proven to be effective like medication for attention problems and anxiety. The State of Minnesota and The American Academy of Pediatrics endorse the types of biofeedback, and they rate it as being as effective as medication for these things. It also works for other symptoms like pain, autism struggles, impulse control, and it helps with social skills while it helps people create calm attention.



Debbie Davis


In my practice, I want to provide a safe and supportive space where individuals can be open in their efforts to make the changes they are seeking. Together we will look at your strengths and work to make the changes you strive for. I have 25 years of experience working with grief and loss. My other areas of focus are anxiety, stress management, depression, self-esteem and transitional changes in life. My approaches in therapy are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Client-Centered, Mindfulness, Solution-focused and Narrative. Outside of therapy, I enjoy hiking, walking, hanging at my cabin, spending time with my family, reading, art and teaching my Golden Retriever, Emma, to be a therapy dog.